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Bella Hadid attends the Dior dinner during the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival on July 10 2021 in Cannes France.Getty Images

It's par for the course when you're a model to wear every hair color, cut, and style under the sun. Bella Hadid sure knows this; we've seen her in bleach-dipped baby bangs, porcupine-inspired updos, larger-than-life curls — and, of course, her signature black-brown hue that's shiny enough to blind passersby. Hadid's latest hair experiment, however, might be one of her boldest. On October 19, the model snapped a quick selfie in very low-key makeup and a very high-key wig in a neon shade of orange.

"Should I," Hadid captioned the post. For the record, Bella, our answer is a resounding yes! and it seems like Instagram is in mass agreement… that is if fire emojis alone are anything to go by. As makeup artist Mary Philips pointed out in the comments, Hadid bears a striking resemblance to Leeloo Dallas (played by Mila Jovovich) from The Fifth Element in the photo — the wig is, after all, nearly an exact match to the character's iconic orange bob and baby bangs.

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Obviously, this vibrant new hair color is the temporary result of a wig — Hadid's worn many of them while on the job on shoots and runways. She has in the past, however, dyed the front portions of her real hair a coppery orange hue in December of 2020, so we know she's no stranger to permanent bright colors, too. 

Real hair color or not, we're willing to bet that some screenwriter somewhere out there is looking at this photo of Hadid with neon orange hair and plotting a 2022 remake of The Fifth Element. And even if that's not the case, internet searches for "Leeloo Dallas Halloween costume" are definitely about to spike. 

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